The french side "" had the opportunity to take a look at the Alphacool NexXxoS Cool Answer 240 D5/XT and test it accordingly. The results speak for itself. The power and the volume is more than satisfying. The assembly is easy and especially suitable for those who would like to dive into the water cooling system world. Following is the original article: click me

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The well-known side "" ordered the Alphacool NexXxoS Cool Answer 360 D5/XT Set for extensive testing. The result here is clear: the cooling power is notably better when compared to current AIO models from other manufacturers and the volume is (because of the bionic fans) practically zero. Even "" draws the conclusion that this set is suitable for beginners and gives loads of opportunities for extensions. The processing is being praised as well and speaks for the high quality of the Alphacool products.

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