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mod/smart Kobra SS 8 broches Rallonge d'Alimentation EPS12V - Blanc - 40cm

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  • PCS-MB8-16X-W
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Détails techniques
1ère page: 8Pin ATX
2ème page: 8Pin VGA 1x
Fabricant: mod/smart
Forme: rallonge
gaine: blanc
Extension cable for a P4 respectively EPS12V PSU connector. This cable is perfect to cover...plus
Informations sur le produit

Extension cable for a P4 respectively EPS12V PSU connector.

This cable is perfect to cover larger distances from the PSU to the CPU power socket. Especially if you wish to achieve a clean cable management this cable is perfect to achieve this goal, even in Big Towers or inverted ATX systems etc.

Next generation sleeving:
This new sleeving is even more advanced: The leads are sleeved individually!

Optically this new design sets a new benchmark and offers the finishing touch for your system. The sleeve is extremely dense and offers the effect for which all pro sleevers are looking: A completely new look for a more elegant and sleek appearance of the system. Special attention was paid to the combination of cable, connectors, sleeve and heatshrink to create a matching design for maximum effect.

The idea behind these cables:
The goal is to make the work of professional and hobby modders a bit easier with these cables. Sleeving is a lot of work and requires much time. But with these cables by Phobya the whole system can be redesigned any way you like by simply adding these cables.

Technical specifications:
Connectors: 8Pin male to female (plug to socket)
Colour: White sleeve, connectors and heatshrink
Length: 40cm

Extent of delivery:
1x mod/smart Kobra SS 8pin 12V EPS power extension - White - 40cm


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