Karton AQ Half Europalett Inlay 2 (quer)

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Cartons for shipping or storage, folded for easy tranport. Important: Aquatuning ships...plus
Informations sur le produit

Cartons for shipping or storage, folded for easy tranport.

Important: Aquatuning ships cartons only in multiples of 10. Hence please order at least 10 items!

Simply and easily get the cartons you need with your next order! Be it for shipping of the last eBay item, for storage in you attic or basement or simply for sorting of your belongings, these cartons are perfect! They also come in very handy for resellers who need to reship their merchandise, allowing them to simply repack the merchandise for shipment.

Technical specifications:
Material: Corrugated cardboard
Colour: Beige
Dimensions assembled (DxWxH): 59 x 39,5 x 20,5cm
Dimensions folded (LxWxH): 97 x 59,5 x 12cm
Standard: Fefco 0201 "A"
Q: 2.2 BC wave
including EAN code

Extent of delivery:
1x Carton AQ half euro pallet inlay 2 (across)


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