Aquacomputer Capteur de Pression mps pressure Delta 40

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The pressure sensors of the mps pressure series have many applications. As fill level
Informations sur le produit

The pressure sensors of the mps pressure series have many applications.
As fill level sensors they can be used ideally with long tube reservoirs, measuring the pressure of the water column abive the sensor. To use the sensor as a fill level sensor, it should be installed at bottom level of the reservoir or below and connected to the bottom connection threads on the reservoir. Additionally the second connector of the pressure sensor (only type Delta 40/100/500) must be connected to the air bubble of reservoir, e.g. by connecting it to a connector in the top of the connector. Alternatively a pressure equalization membrane can be used (for all types).  Fittings and pressure equalization membrane are not included and must be ordered separately!
Another possible application is the measurement of pressure difference over filters for monitoring of the increase in flow resistance caused by contamination. This allows easy and much more precise meaurement compared to optical inspection of the filter element. The same applies to contamination of micro-structure water blocks. A pressure difference measurement between In- and Outlet of a pump is suitable for functioanlity monitoring and gives valuable information to professional hardware testers.
All sensors feature integrated analyzation electronics with USB and aquabus interface, a configurable alarm channel as well as an external temperature sensor input.
For monitoring and configuration the software aquasuite is available for download. A 4-pin aquabus interface allows direct connection to an aquaero 5 (not included). The alarm output can either be configured as an artificial rpm signal for connection to a fan channel with speed monitoring (e.g. Mainboard fan channels) or as a switching channel for e.g. activating a LED in case of an alarm. For alarm monitoring besides the measured flow rate and water temperature, an external temperature sensor input is available. The external temperature sensor input is compatible with all temperature sensors offered by Aqua Computer.

Currently four versions of the mps pressure sensor are available, differing in measuring range and connectivity. Please choose the most suitable sensor for your application:
mps pressure Delta 40 (Item No. 71220): Pressure difference sensor with two connection threads, measuring range 0-40 mbar (approx. 0-40cm water column)
mps pressure Delta 100 (Item No. 71219): Pressure difference sensor with two connection threads, measuring range 0-100 mbar (approx. 0-100cm water column)
mps pressure Delta 500 (Item No. 71218): Pressure difference sensor with two connection threads, measuring range 0-500 mbar (approx. 0-500cm water column)
mps pressure Delta 1000 (Item No. 71217): Pressure difference sensor with one connection thread (pressure difference measurement against outside atmosphere), measuring range 0-1000 mbar (approx. 0-1000cm water column)

Compatibility list aquabus interface:
aquaero 5 XT (Art. 70213 und 70173)
aquaero 5 PRO (Art. 70174)
aquaero 5 LT (Art. 70175)

Compatibility list external temperature sensor input:
Temperature sensor inline G1/4 (Item No. 71162)
Temperature sensor inner/outer thread G1/4 (Item No. 71160 and 71170)
Temperature sensor 50 cm and 90 cm (Item No. 71125 and 71005)

Technical specifications:
Dimensions without fittings and without connection cable: approx. 47 x 34 x 21 mm
Connection thread size M5, fittings not included! Spacing approx. 12mm on types Delta 40/100/500
Mounting threads: 2x M3, 24mm spacing

Extent of delivery:
One pressure sensor
One internal USB connection cable


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