Innovatek Protect - Liquide Anti Corrosion - Concentré - Bidon d'Aquatuning 5000ml

Innovatek Protect - Liquide Anti Corrosion - Concentré - Bidon d'Aquatuning 5000ml
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Contenu 5000 ml (18,15 € * / 1000 ml)

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Détails techniques
Contenu: 5000ml
Couleur: transparent
Couleur - UV: Non-active UV
Fabricant: Innovatek
Spécification: Concentré
The Innovatek Protect anti-corrosive and heat medium concentrate is the world's first
Informations sur le produit

The Innovatek Protect anti-corrosive and heat medium concentrate is the world's first specially developed additive for computer watercooling purposes. It reliably protects watercooling systems from corrosion and biological contamination. The additive is biodegradable, electrically non-conductive and easy to apply. This coolant reduces the surface tension and therefore also reduces bubble formation at surfaces such as the waterblocks. An anti-foaming agent prevents foam in the system. The special coolant also acts as lubricant for the pump.

The Innovatek Protect products are officially certified by EHEIM in the PC sector and are certified for use with EHEIM pumps. Stay on the safe side and trust the specialists.

The Innovatek protect additive and thermal medium (available as a PRO version, as concentrate and ready-to use coolant) reliably protects your system and is specially suited for application in systems with different metals in the loop. It is also electrically non-conductive, making use and application especially safe. Innovatek Protect also reduces the surface tensions and hence reduces bubble formation on the surfaces of e.g. the waterblock. The defoaming agent implemented effectively reduces foam build-up and serves as a lubricant for the pump.

Environmental concerns were also considered: Innovatek Protect is biodegradable, which means that when introduced into a water cleaning facility it will not impair the functionality of the micro-organisms and will be completely degraded biologically.

Contains 1,2 Ethandiol

Technical specifications:
The recommended mixing ratio is 1:3 (1000ml concentrate with 3000ml distilled water)
Extent of delivery: 5000ml of concentrate
Filled and labelled by Aquatuning

Note regarding coolant use:
Different from Aquatuning's opinion that the customer should have a free choice of coolants, Innovatek has the position that Innovatek waterblocks must only be used with Innovatek Coolant. Innovatek checks complained items for the coolant used and generally rejects returns of items which were used with another coolant.
Customers who have products from Innovatek in their cooling loop and are not using Innovatek Protect as coolant always loose their warranty and defects liability on their purchased Innovatek products!

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22 déc. 2015

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