Votre distributeur de refroidissement par eau et modding Votre distributeur de refroidissement par eau et modding


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Détails techniques
Matériau de la plaque de base: Cuivre
Fabricant: Watercool
type de refroidisseur: refroidisseur carte mère
Modèle composants: ASUS RAMPAGE V EXTREME
Matériau du couvercle: acétal
Connecteur: G1/4
The HEATKILLER® MB-X coolers focus on high performance. They are developed for a specific...plus
Informations sur le produit

The HEATKILLER® MB-X coolers focus on high performance. They are developed for a specific mainboard and dismiss the modular design of the HEATKILLER® SW-X series. Hence, they deliver outstanding cooling performance and very low flow resistance (high flow). Both VRMs and chokes are cooled, resulting in a simultaneous increase in stability and overclocking potential.

Another feature of the HEATKILLER® MB-X series are isolating stand-offs which de-couple cooler and mainboard. At the same time, they enable easy and firm mounting.

Only high quality materials are used manufacturing the HEATKILLER® MB-X series. The bottom is made from pure electrolytic copper while the top is milled from POM to reduce weight. A polished stainless steel cover hides all screws, thus providing a very clean design.

The water coolers can be comfortably integrated into the cooling loop using G ¼ inch threads. Aside from mounting material the coolers comes with pre-cut thermal pads. No further thermal compounds are required.

Compatibility list

Material: Electrolytic copper, POM, stainless steel
Dimensions: (L x W x H): 107 x 19 x 22,5 mm (VRM), 110 x 104 x 15,5 mm (chip set)
Weight: approx. 430 g
Pressure tested: 5 bar
Sealing: NBR70
Threads: G ¼ inch (DIN ISO 228-1)

1x Mounting material
1x Thermal pads
1x Mounting manual

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