Koolance Double Connecteur - Rotatif - 1/4" Mâle / Femelle - Noir

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Détails techniques
1ère page: G1/4" filetage extérieur
2ème page: G1/4" filetage intérieur
Compatibilité: Soft tubing (PVC, Silikon, Neoprene)
Couleur: noir mat
Fabricant: Koolance
Longueur de filetage: 5mm
Matériau: Laiton
Pivotant: Oui - 360°
Spécification: Forme: 90° incliné
This is an extremely compact angled adaptor with 1/4" threads. Thanks to its low depth of only...plus
Informations sur le produit

This is an extremely compact angled adaptor with 1/4" threads.

Thanks to its low depth of only 20mm this adaptor piece is extremely versatile. Thanks to its 1/4" inner threads all common fittings in the water cooling sector can be used. The rotatable piece can be swivelled freely by 360°. Gaskets are integrated on this piece to prevent any coolant leakage. The design ensures that now additional flow resistance is caused!

Deep black, Koolance's answer! In the highest quality, just as with every product from Koolance. The black finish covers every bit of the surface and looks like it has been cast into the metal. The unique surface finish makes these fittings a true eye-catcher for your system!

Detailed dimensions can be found here

Warning: Please note that the Koolance guarantee only remains valid if this product is operated with distilled water (pure water) or with water additives and / or finished mixtures of the following manufacturers: Koolance, Alphacool, Aquacomputer, Innovatek and Phobya. If other liquids are used the warranty may no longer be given.

Technical specifications:
Material: Nickel plated brass
Colour: Black
Thread size: 1/4" inner / outer thread
Thread length / depth: 4mm each

Extent of delivery:
1x Koolance angled adaptor revolvable G1/4" to G1/4" inner thread - black

Please note: Due to the low thread depth of only 5mm, some fittings may require spacer rings (Item No.: 14087, 14151 or 95008).


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