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Monsoon 19/13mm (DE 3/4") Rotatif 90° - Noir mat

  • 62572
  • RO-90-34-MB
  • 6100791677420
  • 0,106 kg

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Détails techniques
2ème page: G1/4" filetage intérieur
Matériau: Laiton
Couleur: noir mat
Longueur de filetage: 5mm
Spécification: Forme: 90° incliné
Pivotant: Oui (360°)
1ère page: G1/4" filetage extérieur
Fabricant: Monsoon
Compatibilité: 19mm (OD 3/4") Monsoon
Monsoon products are excellent in finish and design. The Monsoon products are compatible to...plus
Informations sur le produit

Monsoon products are excellent in finish and design. The Monsoon products are compatible to each other and are designed to match to each other. Designed to beautifully compliment the full line of Monsoon Free Center Compression Fittings. Rotary bodies for each tube size are matched to the compression ring outside diameter for a clean modern aesthetic. Brass accent color disks and fittings are sold separately allowing you to mix and match main body and accent colors. This also allows you to change fitting and accent disk colors on future builds without replacing the rotary bodies.

Technical specifications:
Available in 45 and 90 degrees.
The Ascent Disk is not needed for this fitting
Rotary body O.D. is matched to each tube size compression ring O.D. for a beautifully modern and clean aesthetic.
Industry standard G 1 / 4 threads on both ends fit any compliant port or fitting.
Machined from high quality solid brass castings.
Includes high quality 2.4 mm thick silicone O-rings.


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