Raccord Passe-Cloison 13mm Douille pour tuyau sur 16/13mm Borne à vis - Noir Nickel

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Détails techniques
1ère page: Raccord cannelé10mm (3/8")
2ème page: 13/10mm (ID 3/8" OD 1/2")
Compatibilité: tuyaux souples (PVC, Silicone, Neoprene)
Couleur: noir nickelé
Longueur de filetage: Non spécifié
Matériau: Laiton
Pivotant: Non
Spécification: trou d'installation: 15mm
Bulkhead fittings for extension of the cooling loop to the outside of the case. the new...plus
Informations sur le produit

Bulkhead fittings for extension of the cooling loop to the outside of the case.

the new generation is specially designed for Highflow systems. It features exceptional quality of design and manufacturing. This fitting is equipped on one side with a compression fitting and on the other side with a barbed fitting.
To ensure maximum safety a hose clamp for the barbed fitting is included. The side with the compression fitting has an additional counter nut which can be used to fixate the fitting in a hole in the case etc. The hole for passing the fitting through should have a size of 17mm.

Technical details:
Material: Nickel coated brass
Hose sizes: 16/13mm
Hole size required: 17mm

Extent of delivery:
1x Bulkhead fitting 13mm barbed fitting to 16/13mm compression fitting - black nickel
1x Hose clamp

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