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Monsoon Chain Gun 19/13mm (DI 1/2" DE 3/4") Pièce de Couplage 4pack - chrome

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Détails techniques
1ère page: 19/13mm (ID 1/2" OD 3/4")
2ème page: G1/4" filetage extérieur
Compatibilité: tuyaux souples (PVC, Silicone, Neoprene)
Couleur: argent nickelé
Fabricant: Monsoon
Longueur de filetage: 5mm
Matériau: Laiton
Pivotant: Non
Spécification: Forme: droit
The third series in Monsoon's award winning line of premium fittings, the Chain Gun, is aimed...plus
Informations sur le produit
The third series in Monsoon's award winning line of premium fittings, the Chain Gun, is aimed squarely at builders looking for a compression fitting that makes a bold, in your face, take no prisoners, statement.  The thematic design, with double gun metal black machined brass mounting rings holding six accent colored barrels, is a homage to excessive firepower.  Think Predator or BFG and you're getting the picture.

Precision machined entirely from marine grade brass including the compression ring components allows you to focus on your build without worrying about metal compatibility or corrosion.  The barb features a radial cut slot suitable for any coin similar in size to a US Quarter—about 25 mm in diameter.  The compression ring not only looks amazing--its unique design also makes gripping it with your fingers easy and totally pain free.

The available accent colors match Monsoon's full line of of finishes—including all of our compression fittings, standard rotaries, light port rotaries, stop plugs, LED plugs, temp sensor plugs, Silver Bullet antimicrobial plugs, and reservoirs---so you can match, contrast, or accent with total confidence.   The O-Rings are premium silicone for years of dependable worry free service and are slightly oversized for easy leak free installation in a wide range of products with industry standard G 1/4  threads.


•    Precision machined entirely from marine grade brass—including the compression ring—so you never need to worry about metal compatibility or mixed metal corrosion.
•    Available in all many of Monsoon's colors and finishes so you can match or accent with all of our standard Rotaries, Light Port Rotaries, full line of plugs, and our full line of reservoirs.
•    Industry standard G 1/4 threads and highest quality premium silicone O-rings.
•    Barbs have knurled bottoms to grip blocks better.  See pictures for details.
•    Available in Singles or budget friendly Four Packs.
•    Available in three popular sizes giving you plenty of tube size options for thin or thick walled tube.


Extend of delivery:
4x Compression fitting with union nut and 2 O-Rings each

Because of the thematic nature of the Chain Gun design, these fittings are very slightly larger in diameter as compared to a standard compression fitting.   Although this should not be an issue with most products, you should check the included dimensions illustration just to be sure there will not be an issue with your blocks.  The B dimension listed is the outside diameter of the fitting and, as a general rule, this number plus 1/16  inch (or 1mm) is the absolute minimum center to center distance for the ports on your intended block.  As an example, if the listed dimension is 1 inch (25mm), then the minimum center to center port distance required for your block is 1 and 1/16th inch (26mm).   Although this should not be a problem on most modern water cooling blocks, if you're at all concerned, we recommend going with the 3/8” x 5/8” (9 mm x 15 mm) or smaller sizes.

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