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Aquacomputer Fillport - Bouchon de Remplissage avec trou de purge et bouteille de remplissage

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To make filling of a watercooling loop easier (e.g. with a horizontally...plus
Informations sur le produit

To make filling of a watercooling loop easier (e.g. with a horizontally installed reservoir such as an aquatube or aquabox) Aquacomputer has now developed a special fillport.

The unique feature of this Fillport is the fact that it is equipped with two connection threads. This allows the simultaneous connection to the highest point of the reservoir (e.g. upper thread of an aquatube) and to a lower point of the loop by e.g. using a T-piece or a lower connection thread of the reservoir. The system can easily be filled with the included filling bottle, even until it slightly overflows as a small reservoir is integrated into the Fillport. Unlike systems with a single connection threads this Fillport does not obstruct the liquid flow due to backflow of air. Hence it can also be used with loops with smaller tubing diameters such as 8/10mm.

The Fillport requires a hole with approximately 37mm diameter for installation in the case. Of course a suitable counter-nut for safe installation is included. The Fillport is made from Delrin, the connection threads are G1/4" in size for optimal fitting compatibility.

Diameter: 44mm
Height: 44mm
Largest diameter of counter-nut: 62mm
Seal plug: Inner hexagonal 10mm

Extent of delivery:
Fillport made from Delrin
Seal plug: 1/2"
Filling bottle

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