Masterkleer Tuyau PVC 11/8mm (5/16"Diamètre Intérieur) - réactif UV Rouge foncé 3,3m (10ft) "Retail Package"

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Détails techniques
Couleur: rouge
Couleur - UV: rouge
Diamètre extérieur: 11mm (7/16")
Diamètre intérieur: 8mm (5/16")
Fabricant: Masterkleer
Longueur: 3,30m
Matériau: PVC
Pression maximale autorisée: 4 Bar (à 20°C)
Température d'utilisation: -20°C à 60°C
Masterkleer, a name that is well-established in the water cooling sector! Highly flexible,
Informations sur le produit

Masterkleer, a name that is well-established in the water cooling sector!

Highly flexible, intense colours, a true eye-catcher for your system: This is what Masterkleer brand-name tubing stands for. Made from highly flexible PVC this tubing can be used in all areas of you water cooling system.
It can be used to bridge larger distances to external coolers, in a micro-enclosure with very little space or even in a server for 24/7 operation: This tubing can be used for virtually any application one could imagine. The experience in the “computer water cooling” sector gained by Masterkleer’s manufacturers over the years allows this tubing to be of unique quality. Most even thicknesses for maximum reliability, exceptional bending capabilities, a long lifespan, no discoloration of the coolant and unique colour brilliance make this tubing so special!

When a water cooling loop is installed in a computer system it should not only function well, but also look good. This is where the colour comes into play. Masterkleer has not only achieved intense colours, the UV-reactivity is also a great effect for your system!
The tubing is available in many different colours: From dark to bright green, red, orange, pink, purple, even transparent UV blue, standard blue, yellow, silver, black or white: These are only some of the available colours from Masterkleer!

Individually packaged units?
Masterkleer has taken a whole new approach! The classical 1m unit has been improved, the tubing is available e.g. in 3m length for tubing of the whole watercooling loop and up to 15m in length in one piece with individual packaging for large projects or resellers. The advantages are obvious: The product is more affordable for the customer and the tubing is always shipped in one piece and is easy to store neatly until the next project awaits!

Technical specifications:
Material: PVC
Tubing colour: red, UV-reactive
Outer diameter: 11mm (7/16")
Inner diameter:  8mm (5/16")
Maximum operating pressure: 30psi (~2,07bar)
Operating temperature range: -42.8°C to 73.9°C

Compliant with RoHS

Extent of delivery:
3,3m (10’) Masterkleer hose PVC 11/8mm (5/16"ID) UV-reactive dark red 3,3m (10ft) "Retail Package"

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3 janv. 2014

Leicht zu verbauen, sieht gut aus und entspricht genau meinen Erwartungen. Der Schlauch knickt allerdings leicht ein wenn man die Biegeradien nicht einhält.

4 mars 2013

Sehr gut verarbeitet Kinickt nicht so leicht wie andere Schläuche Habe den durchsichtigen 3 jahrelange in einer wasserkühlung gehabt ohne das sich irgend etwas verfärbt hat bzw. Das die schläuche blind wurden

14 févr. 2013

schöner Schlauch, "sehr biegsam", noch nicht verbaut

26 janv. 2013

Der Schlauch kam in einem Karton mit Sichtfenster wo man diesen schon sehen konnte. Die Farbe rot entspricht genau meinen Vorstellungen und ist sowohl flexibel, knickt aber auch nicht zu schnell. Würde ich immer wieder kaufen. Außerdem ist der Schlauch durchgängig gefärbt.

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