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Alphacool Backplate for ATXP AMD 7970/50 - black

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Détails techniques
Matériau: Aluminum
Fabricant: Alphacool
Modèle composants: Radeon HD6970, Radeon HD6950
Fabricant Composants: AMD
NexXxos is back! This back plate is the perfect addition to your water cooled graphics card,...plus
Informations sur le produit

NexXxos is back! This back plate is the perfect addition to your water cooled graphics card, improving looks and cooling performance!

The cooling concept of the ATXP/NVXP water blocks is a very well-balanced one, but only little of the water blocks can be seen as they usually face downwards in the enclosure. Hence great attention was paid to the surface finish of the back plates for maximum effect. This was achieved with anodized aluminum: A perfect finish, and even after small mishaps during mounting the color remains consistent. Of course the back plate is shipped with suitable, copper plated M3x12mm hexagon socket screws.

Aluminum as the material of choice also has another advantage: With this lightweight material less strain is put on the sensitive graphics card slots!

The Alphacool back plate also contributes to the rigidity of the graphics card, preventing it from bending and twisting. The additionally applied thermal pads under the back plate also contribute to the cooling of the sensitive components on the graphics card.

Of course the back plate is fully SLI/ Crossfire capable and hence perfect for use in a Multi-GPU system.

In the extent of delivery you will find mounting screws and thermal pads – No additional material is needed! A multi-lingual (GER, EN, FR) mounting manual and tools allow easy and quick installation of the unit.

Technical specifications: 
Material: Aluminum
Color: Black anodized 
Dimensions (L x W x H): 185 x 124 x 6mm
Weight: approx. :181g
Fully SLI/Crossfire capable

Compatible with ATI 7970/50

Die Montageanleitung finden Sie hier als Download HD79xx  und HD7970.

Extent of delivery:
1x Water block
Thermal pads 
Mounting material 
Multi-lingual (GER, EN, FR) mounting manual

This product has been tested for you

Selbstverständlich ist die Backplate SLI/Crossfire fähig und damit auch perfekt für den Multi-GPU Betrieb.

Im Lieferumfang sind neben den Montageschrauben auch Wärmeleitpads - hier braucht nichts mehr hinzubestellt werden! Eine mehrsprachige (DE, ENG, FRA) Montageanleitung und Werkzeug erlauben kinderleichte Montage der Backplate.

Technische Daten:
Material: Aluminium
Farbe: schwarz eloxiert
Abmessungen (L x B x H): 185 x 124 x 6mm
Gewicht: ca. 181g
komplett SLI/Crossfire fähig

Kompatibel zu ATI 7970/50 nach Referenzdesign

Die Montageanleitung finden Sie hier als Download HD79xx  und HD7970.

1x Kühler
mehrsprachige (de. engl. fra.) Montageanleitung

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Questions & Réponses plus
Questions & Réponses
Frage von Karl B. vom 12. December 2017
Is this compatible with the ASUS 3gb Radeon HD7970 Direct CU-II graphics card. if so I need the matching full cover block for it if its still made.
Antwort von Administrator vom 12. December 2017
That backplate is only compatible to the reference design from AMD. And we do not have a full cover cooler for this graphics card.
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