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Alphacool Eiswolf 2 AIO - 360mm RTX 3090 TI Founders Edition with Backplate

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The Alphacool Eiswolf 2 is the first full cover GPU AIO waterblock from Alphacool. It is based...plus
Informations sur le produit
The Alphacool Eiswolf 2 is the first full cover GPU AIO waterblock from Alphacool. It is based on the Alphacool GPX Eisblock Aurora GPX water block, a pump unit and a 360mm NexXxoS ST30 full copper radiator. The latter is equipped with the Alphacool Aurora Rise Digital RGB fans.

Fullcover Waterblock?
The Eiswolf 2 graphics card AIO water block not only cools the GPU with liquid but also all relevant components that require active cooling. This includes the graphics memory, the VRM and, if necessary, other components that require direct cooling. By using the Eisblock GPX Aurora water cooler, the cooling capacity is identical to that of a DIY graphics card water cooler.

The Eiswolf 2 has a pump unit in place of the normal connection terminal. This pump unit houses the DC-LT 2 pump. An improved and quieter version of the well-known DC-LT Low Noise Ceramic Pump. Despite looking rather large, the pump unit is only 5 mm wider than a normal connection terminal.

Fittings and Tubing
As with all new AIO units, Alphacool uses only TPV hoses from the Enterprise Solution range for (usually reserved for servers and workstations) in the Eiswolf 2. The tubing is made of EPDM/PP and are extremely heat-resistant, durable, and free of plasticizers. All fittings are also based on the Enterprise Solution range and match the TPV hoses perfectly.

By using the quick-release fastener, the Eiswolf 2 can be connected to another Alphacool AIO unit to achieve a larger loop in seconds. Alphacool offers various prefilled components with which the loop can be easily extended. For safety reasons, the quick-release fasteners are firmly screwed together and not just plugged together.

Lighting and fans
The Eiswolf 2 cooler has a digital RGB LED lighting, also called addressable RGB LEDs. They run along the entire back of the graphics card cooler and provide complete illumination of the water cooler. The pump unit is more discreet and offers a green glowing logo for Nvidia and a red glowing logo for AMD cards. The name "Eiswolf" on the pump unit remains unlit, discreetly in the background. The fan used is the Aurora Rise with 120mm. Due to the special blade design, the fan is extremely quiet and the addressable RGB LEDs provide brilliant illumination. The Alphacool Aurora Rise fan convinces with a max. static pressure of 3.17mm/H2O and offers a max. air flow of 119.8m3/h. The PWM control allows the fan to be controlled over a wide speed range. In addition, it offers a zero control. It can therefore be regulated down to 0 rpm and then starts with approx. 350 rpm.

NexXxoS Radiator
As with all AIO units, Alphacool uses radiators from the world renowned NexXxoS series. The full copper radiators offer a much higher cooling capacity than aluminium radiators and have contributed significantly to Alphacool's worldwide success.

The combination of all of the components results in a solution that is as simple as an AIO solution to install, but with the performance of a pre-assembled and prefilled custom loop.

- NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Founders Edition
Technical data radiator
L x W x H 395 x 124 x 30mm (+/- 3%)
Material cooling fins, chambers & channels Copper
Material threads Brass
Material outer housing stainless steel
G 1/4“ threads 2 x for tubes (+ 1x Fillport G1/4“)
For fan size 120 mm
Possible fan assembly 3 x one-sided / 6 x both-sided

Technical data cooler and pump
L x W x H 220,5 x 156,05 x 46mm
Material cooler bottom Nickel plated copper
Material cooler top acrylic
Threads 2 x G1/4“
Pump type DC-LT 2
Pump speed 2600 rpm (+/- 10%)
Head of delivery 0,95m
Maximum flow rate 75 L/h
Voltage 12V DC
Power consumption 4W
MTBF 50.000 h

Technical data liquid
Color clear
Ingredient 1 Destilled water (CAS-number 7732-18-5)
Ingredient 2 Glysantin (CAS-number 1017-21-1)
Working temperatures -15 C° / +90 °C

Technical data quick fasteners
L x D 95 x 27mm
Material Nylon
For tube size 12,7 / 7,6mm
Color Black

Technical data fittings
L x D straight fitting 24 x 18mm
Quantity straight fittings 2x
L x B x H 90° fitting 35 x 27 x 17mm
Quantity 90° fittings 2x
For tube size 12,7 / 7,6mm
Material fittings Brass

Technical data tube
Length 50cm
Material tube TPV (EPDM/PP)
Color Matt black
Tube size 12,7 / 7,6mm
Hardness grade 35 Shore-A to 50 Shore-D
Working temperature -50 to +155 °C

Technical data fan
Speed 0 - 2500 RPM
Static pressure 3,17 mm H2O
Air flow rate 119,8 m³/h
Bearings Sleeve bearing
Fan connector 4-Pin PWM
Connection Digital aRGB 3-Pin JST + 3-Pin 5V
Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25mm
Net weight 187g
Max working temperature 60°C


Remarque sur l'utilisation
A n'utiliser qu'en combinaison avec des liquides de refroidissement à eau clairs et transparents. Les particules et les additifs contenus dans les liquides Pastell peuvent obstruer et endommager durablement les produits de refroidissement à eau tels que les radiateurs, les pompes, les radiateurs et les tuyaux. Cela peut également entraîner l'annulation de la garantie du fabricant.

Technical note!
Due to long storage times and various transport routes, the liquid in the AIO remains still for a long time. The ingredients of the liquid can therefore deposit and lead to a brownish discoloration. As soon as the pump starts operating, the ingredients mix again and the liquid should regain an approximately clear color. This is not a reason for complaint as neither the performance nor the function of the AIO are restricted by this. If the discolouration of the cooling liquid does not disappear after the AIO has been put into operation, please contact our support team via E-Mail (info@alphacool.com). You will receive quick and uncomplicated help there.

Détails techniques et vidéos… plus
Détails techniques
Fabricant: Alphacool
Pré-rempli: Oui
Socket: Nvidia GeForce
Dimensions du tuyau: 12,7/7,6mm
Dimensions du radiateur: 360mm
Radiator Dimension: 395 x 124 x 30mm
epaisseur radiateur: 29 - 39mm
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